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Symbols of The Perdido Bay Tribe Logo

Perdido Bay Tribe was founded by Chief Bobby Johns Bearheart for the purpose of honoring, learning and teaching about our Southeastern Muscogee Creek heritage through art and education.  This logo represents our commitment to the Muscogee Creek People we here honor.  

  •  The BEAR, NOKOSE, is our Clan totem

  • The CORN is new food for preservation of the People

  • The PIPE is presented in prayer and offered in peace

  • The HAND is extended to all people -

  • Placed on the back of the hand, the eye of the MASTER OF BREATH

  • Will never be closed – even if the hand is clinched in anger

  • The state of FLORIDA locates the source of our love for others

  • All things are connected as is this CIRCLE fed by the


  • The MOUND honors the Ancestors where they danced and now rest

  • The ANIMAL TOTEMS represent life, old clans and our brothers in this world

  • The FIRE is a symbol of CREATOR’S CHILDREN as we are really of one fire

  •  FOUR LOGS represent the four directions and other important elements of life

  • The four seasons of the year, four stages of life, four times of day and many more

  • The DANCERS show the family connection as they dance together in prayer and joy

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The mission of the Native Paths Cultural Heritage Resource Center & Museum is to promote public education, research of the Native American people and their history,  and preserve the culture and traditions of the Southeastern Lower Muscogee Creek Indians. 

The mission of the Native Paths Cultural Heritage Resource Center & Museum in Pensacola FL is toThe nonprofit organization Native Paths Cultural Heritage Resource Center &Museum is dedicated to promoting public education and research on the Southeastern Lower Muscogee Creek Indians. The nonprofit organization is also actively involved in community outreach programs and educational programs. All activities at the museum are free. The museum relies on memberships, ticket sales, fundraisers, and donations to help support its mission.

The Native Paths Cultural Heritage Resource Center &Museum is a nonprofit organization that focuses on preserving the tribal heritage and tradition of the Southeastern Lower Muscogee Creek Indians. The nonprofit organization supports its work with ticket sales, donations, and fundraising events. It employs 3 people and offers educational programs and events. The Native Paths Cultural Historic Resource Center consists of two distinct areas.

The Native Paths Cultural Heritage Resource Center &Museum is located in Pensacola, FL. It promotes public education and research, through educational programs, and events. The nonprofit organization is run entirely on memberships, donations, and ticket sales. The museum has no fans, but its mission is to preserve and share the history of the tribes. It is an important place for the community to learn about the past.

The Native Paths Cultural Heritage Resource Center &Museum is a culturally significant and historical site for the Native people of the Pensacola area. The museum’s mission is to educate the public and promote research. The museum has a variety of educational programs and events. It is supported by ticket sales, memberships, and donations. So, if you’re interested in learning more about these people, make sure to check out the Museum.

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Our Mission

  • To learn from and emulate the abilities, values and logic of our Creek Indian ancestors and use them to meet the challenges of today's world.

  • To honor our shared heritage by learning and teaching others about Southeastern Creek Indian history and life ways through art and education. 

  • To speak for the care of our environment and teach the ancestors’ philosophy that every individual has the responsibility to assure it stays pure enough for seven future generations. 

  • To be of service to Native Americans and others in our community in whatever capacity we are able.  

  • To honor the memory of our Beloved Creek Ancestors in the most sincere ways we know, seeking only the satisfaction that we have given our best.

As we work together to carry out our mission through each of our Native Paths projects, we look to the talents, skills and prayers of our members and friends to make that work a success.  Each of us has something to give and each of us has much to gain.

This is the path we walk.

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